Missions Advisory at HU

On Friday and Saturday (Jan 25 and 26) we attended two Missions Advisory meetings at Harding University. Tati and I got to make good and valuable contacts for possible future supporters. One of these contacts was brother Donald Collins from Hot Springs Village, AR. He attended the event and wanted to meet us and learn more about our plans for South Florida.

Top: elder Donald Collins
Bottom: the event speakers, Alan & Rachel Howell

The Ross Family

This week we got to meet the Rosses. They are missionaries in Paulínia (São Paulo state) in Brazil. They are currently in the USA on their furlough. Michael, Vicki, and their kids are very sweet people and we loved learning about their beautiful work with the church in Paulínia. We pray many blessing from God to y’all! ?

The Rosses

Spring Semester 2019

Maikon’s books and Bible for this semester

In this upcoming semester, Maikon will be taking 5 classes (Christian Teaching, Practicum in Missions, Chronicles, Elementary Statistics, and Music Appreciation). Tati will be taking Evangelism and Church Planting, and will also be auditing Maikon’s mission class. We’re excited for our classes and look forward to a lot more learning! ?