A nice surprise

I feel extremely honored! It was indeed a nice surprise to be presented with the “outstanding student award” in my major (Bible and Missions)! ?? However, I am not alone in this as I have had so many people who have helped and encouraged me along this 4-year journey. A massive thank you to my family, my wife Tatiane and daughter Joanna, our several sponsors and supporters, the awesome professors at HU, my classmates, and many others. It would be almost impossible to mention everybody by name, but you know who you are!! ❤

A very nice recognition

To God be all the glory! ??

Alpha Chi Induction

Maikon joined Alpha Chi on November 2

I feel very honored to have been selected to be a part of, this time, Alpha Chi. I have to make it clear, though, that I have so many people that have helped me along the way and, without them, none of such accomplishments would have been possible: first and foremost, our Lord God, but also my special wife Tati, my wonderful professors and awesome colleagues in the BMIN Program at HU, and my church family. Thank you all! ??

Spring Semester 2019

Maikon’s books and Bible for this semester

In this upcoming semester, Maikon will be taking 5 classes (Christian Teaching, Practicum in Missions, Chronicles, Elementary Statistics, and Music Appreciation). Tati will be taking Evangelism and Church Planting, and will also be auditing Maikon’s mission class. We’re excited for our classes and look forward to a lot more learning! ?