ODK Induction Ceremony

    ODK Induction Ceremony

As a great surprise (as I didn’t even know that such a thing even existed) I was honored to be selected by faculty and invited to become a member of the ODK Society’s circle here at Harding University. Students are selected based on GPA performance as well as leadership skills.

ODK is a national leadership honor society. For more info, please visit: www.odk.org



When long time friends meet again!

Long time friends

The 2018 Harding University Lectureships took place in early October. Our sweet sponsors, the Cubsteads, got to see long time friend Howard Norton (left) after many years. Back in the 60s, Mr. Norton was a missionary in Brazil, and at that time Mr. Cubstead was one of the the editors for the Christian Chronicle. Mr. Norton always says how much the newspaper helped the Brazil team advertise and find financial support for their missionary work.

Tati and I are very happy that we got to promote this beautiful re-encounter!