Family with us

Tati’s mom and best friend

Tati’s mom, Mara, and best friend from high school, Marluza, arrived on October 21. We are so happy that they will be here with us for some time. This is their very time in the USA and they are very happy and excited to be here and to spend time with us and Joanna.

Marluza will be here until December 8 and Mara will return to Brazil on January 12.

BMIN Christmas Party 2018

2018 is getting closer and closer to its end… Hard to believe, hum?

This year has been filled with many great experiences and blessings and the students in the BMIN Program at Harding University (and their families) got together to celebrate!

Tati and I surely love these people as we are all families to each other! ❤

BMIN Students and Families – Christmas 2018