Christeens 2020

This weekend Maikon volunteered as a chaperone and helped take the youth group to Christeens in Russellville, AR. This is the fourth year in a row that Maikon attends this event with the youth group.

Christeens is a youth rally that takes place every year in Russellville, AR

Meeting ready into go to the mission field

These are the 4 families being sent into the mission field from Harding University this year! The Kings, going to Canada; Tatiane, Joanna and I going to South Florida; and the Marceaus and Steiners, planning to go to Greece! So proud of our CAMT/BMIN family for producing all four of these missionary families!! May the Lord bless us all as we partner with Him in His mission!! 🌍🌎🌏

4 Missionary Families

Maikon’s last semester

The Spring 2020 semester started this week. Wow, can y’all believe we have finally made it to the end of our journey here in Searcy, AR? God is so good and we feel so blessed for this wonderful opportunity that we have had. This last semester, Maikon will be taking his final four classes: Biblical Theology, Theology of Missions, Wellness, and American National Government. Tati will be taking another class for her online certificate, called Capstone in Ministry. We’re excited!! 😊

Graduation, here we come!!

Alpha Chi Induction

Maikon joined Alpha Chi on November 2

I feel very honored to have been selected to be a part of, this time, Alpha Chi. I have to make it clear, though, that I have so many people that have helped me along the way and, without them, none of such accomplishments would have been possible: first and foremost, our Lord God, but also my special wife Tati, my wonderful professors and awesome colleagues in the BMIN Program at HU, and my church family. Thank you all! 😊👍

Family with us

Tati’s mom and best friend

Tati’s mom, Mara, and best friend from high school, Marluza, arrived on October 21. We are so happy that they will be here with us for some time. This is their very time in the USA and they are very happy and excited to be here and to spend time with us and Joanna.

Marluza will be here until December 8 and Mara will return to Brazil on January 12.

Joanna is here!!

Our precious Joanna Machado Borba

• Joanna was due November 9 but decided to come 4 weeks earlier!
• Tati’s water broke on the night of October 13 and we rushed to the hospital here in Searcy. We got there around 11:30 pm and the procedures for Tati’s labor started right away. After long 22 hours and lots of different methods and experiences (epidural, inducing, and several hours pushing), the doctor decided it would be safer and less painful to do a C-Section. Tati’s birth canal was too tight, and Joanna was not in the ideal position for natural delivery.
• Joanna was born at 7:59 pm on Monday, October 14. She 6lb 7oz and 19.5 inches. She is healthy and pretty special! We know we are the parents and therefore are bias, but she is gorgeous and we love her to pieces!
• After a couple of days in the hospital, Tati and Joanna were authorized to go home. We have enjoyed learning to be parents and loving Joanna with all our hearts. You know that we have prayed really hard for her and now that she’s finally here we couldn’t be more thankful to our Lord for this amazing blessing!!
• We have had so many people (our friends and church family in Searcy) who have called, dropped by and offered so much help. Our Cloverdale brothers and sisters have even set up a meal train for us. Y’all are amazing and we are so grateful.