We are Maikon & Tati Borba. Right now we are Bible and Ministry students at Harding University in Searcy, AR.

We are both native Brazilians and we are looking for opportunities to work with churches of Christ in any of the following: (1) Brazil, (2) Florida, (3) Portugal, or (4) any other place the Lord may lead us into. We were former ESL teachers in Brazil and, after our graduation (May 2020), we want to start a bilingual ministry. We will love to combine our new-acquired knowledge in Bible and Missions with our expertise in English teaching to help Brazilians and other immigrants by helping them learn English through the Bible. We are looking at either partnering with a local CoC or forming a team to plant a new church.

The Ross Family

This week we got to meet the Rosses. They are missionaries in Paulínia (São Paulo state) in Brazil. They are currently in the USA on their furlough. Michael, Vicki, and their kids are very sweet people and we loved learning about their beautiful work with the church in Paulínia. We pray many blessing from God to y’all! 🙏

The Rosses

Spring Semester 2019

Maikon’s books and Bible for this semester

In this upcoming semester, Maikon will be taking 5 classes (Christian Teaching, Practicum in Missions, Chronicles, Elementary Statistics, and Music Appreciation). Tati will be taking Evangelism and Church Planting, and will also be auditing Maikon’s mission class. We’re excited for our classes and look forward to a lot more learning! 😊

Lunch Meeting

Today we had a lunch meeting with Scott Emery, the Director of Hispanic Teams at Great Cities Missions. We got to share with him (and his wife Holly) our plans for South Florida. It was very encouraging to know that Great Cities is indeed interested in starting a Brazilian work in the Deerfiel Beach / Boca Raton area. Also, Scott seemed to like us quite a lot. We really admire the beautiful work that Great Cities has done in Latin America and surely would love to work with them in the future. Prayers appreciated! 🙏

Scott and Holly Emery

Prayer/Dream Meeting

This Friday Tati and I met with some families in the BMIN Program. We wanted to share with them some of our dreams for future mission work in South Florida or Portugal. Mr. Marvin Crowson (Director of Domestic Missions at Harding University) was there with us too. We all fellowshiped, ate pizza, talked about our survey trip to Deerfield Beach / Boca Raton this past November, and prayed about possible team formation. We love these families and would love to team up with them! ❤🙏

BMIN Families Dreaming About Doing Missions Together

BMIN Christmas Party 2018

2018 is getting closer and closer to its end… Hard to believe, hum?

This year has been filled with many great experiences and blessings and the students in the BMIN Program at Harding University (and their families) got together to celebrate!

Tati and I surely love these people as we are all families to each other! ❤

BMIN Students and Families – Christmas 2018

A Nice Zoom Meeting with Mr. Holway

We just had a very nice video conversation with Mr. Holway from the Sunset Church of Christ in Miami, FL. He is one of the ministers at the church there and has had a lot of experience as a missionary, both in an out of the country (over 12 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Mr. Holway reasured us of our plans for South Florida and he confirmed many of our findings during our survey trip in November:

1) yes, there is a LARGE Brazilian community in the Deerfield/Boca area and it is not being reached by anybody.

2) he strongly believes that our plans and ideas for ministries would be very well received.

3) God has been making it clearer and clearer for us that South Florida may indeed be the place where He wants us to go and work as missionaries! Please, keep praying for us!

Over all, Mr. Holway seemed very happy and hopeful for us. We closed with a beautiful prayer said by him.

Thank you for your time and willingness to help us, Mr. Holway! God bless you! 🙏😊

Video Chat with Mr. Jim Holway (Sunset CoC)

Ending our survey trip on a high note

Today we woke up very early and headed to the airport in Miami to return to Arkansas. While in Memphis, before driving back to Searcy, we had a great treat: I got to sit down and drink coffee with Greg Muse, an old friend of mine. It was so nice to have the chance to reconnect with him after 10+ years (it was Tati’s first time meeting him).

Greg was a deacon at the Arlington CoC back in 2006/2007 when I was an exchange student in Virginia. While I lived in Arlington we attended church together and became good friends.

The most amazing thing about this afternoon was to find out that Greg and I are connected through Harding. He works in the advancement office at Harding School of Theology and even gave us a private tour of the campus.

Greg Muse and the HST Campus


Thanksgiving in South Florida

This week, while we were surveying South Florida, we stayed in my cousin’s (Márcio) house. He and his family moved to Deerfield Beach 14 years ago and we had not seen them very often ever since. In fact, this was my first time meeting their daughter Julia.

Today we had a Brazilian Thanksgiving meal with family and friends!

Thanksgiving week with Maikon’s cousin

Survey Trip to South Florida: Day 4

This is our fourth day surveying South Florida.

In the morning we had breakfast at Mauricio Yegros’ house and we got to meet his sweet wife, Kayla, and their beautiful kids, Nelson and Emily. Brothers Carlos Preciado and Luis Olavo were present as well. We had the chance to talk more about their experiences as missionaries here in the area and their insights were extremely valuable to us. Mauricio also showed us his church building (Coral Springs CoC).

In the afternoon we did some more exploring in the region and went to another Brazilian neighborhood, Sunshine Ranches.

In the evening we attended Bible class at West Broward CoC.

1st two pictures: breakfast at the Yegros
3rd picture: Bible class at the West Broward CoC